Night Piece N°1


Night Piece N°1

an overnight stay with O-Team

Spending a night together can be something special: staying with a friend as a child, “going through the night” for the first time as a teenager, the sunrise afterwards, being stuck together at an airport. In contrast to the productive day, the night stands for the other – intangible, uncanny and emotional.
In the project space of the Kunstverein Wagenhalle, a transcendental sleep laboratory is being created for four nights, in which the boundaries between sleeping and waking, between dream and reality, become permeable. The scenic experiment begins late in the evening and ends early in the morning with breakfast together. Night Piece N°1 is a joint meditative ritual with elements of object theatre, concert and recorded art installation.
With Night Piece N°1, O-Team embarks on a nocturnal expedition into surreal worlds of sleep and dreams together with a community of 22 guests. A bed is available for all participants. On four evenings, O-Team invites you to come to rest together, to doze, dream and sleepwalk, to be unproductive and doze off. In search of a tiredness that might end up making us more receptive, more permeable, more sensitive. The installation can be visited on other dates in a slightly different form as an exhibition in order to immerse oneself in the collected materials on the themes of night, sleep, dreams and rituals.

Ferbuary / March 2023
Projektraum Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V.

artistic direction: Nina Malotta, Samuel Hof
performance/installation: Nina Malotta, Samuel Hof, Marius Alsleben, Martina Wegener, Frédéric Ehlers
live-music: Moritz Finkbeiner
production: Lisa Ticar
press&public relation: Kathrin Stärk
graphics: Markus Niessner

Night Piece N°1 is a produktion from O-Team in cooperation with Theater Rampe and Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V.
sponsored by federal state capital Stuttgart and federal association of independant dance- and theatremakers Baden-Württemberg from funds of the ministry of science, research and arts Baden-Württemberg.


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