on the technology of the soul
Premiere: 09.10.2020, FITZ! Stuttgart

WETWARE is mechanized dance theater or musical puppet theater, a poetic approach to the emotional life of the techno-self. The performance explores the shapeability of body and self in the context of technology, drugs, sex- and biopolitics. WETWARE is a game of differences and dependencies between hardware and wetware, love and death, machine precision and human emotions. Like a long poem, it tells about the reinvention of nature, electro-cellular circuits, intimate desires, chemical reactions and the technology of the soul.

Artistic Director: Samuel Hof
Stage- and Costume-Design: Nina Malotta
Music: Harry Delgas
Puppet Design and Performance: Antje Töpfer
Performance: Folkert Dücker
Dramaturgy: Antonia Beermann
Technical Director: Robin Burkhardt
Production: Isabelle Gatterburg
PR/ÖA: Kathrin Schäfer (Kultur PR)
Grafic Design: Markus Niessner

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WETWARE ist ein Projekt von O-Team in Koproduktion mit HochX Theater und Live Art und Theater der Stadt Aalen. Gefördert im Fonds Doppelpass der Kulturstiftung des Bundes und durch die Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart.

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